Choosing the right hot water pressure washer for your needs

Commercial pressure washers come in either hot water or cold water models. A hot water pressure washer is perfectly suited for businesses that need to remove grease and oil from the surfaces you’re cleaning. A hot water power washer quickly reaches temperatures of 212°F to cut through grease instead of only pushing it around, like a cold water model would do. Just like washing dishes in the sink, hot water breaks down greases and oils really quickly. If you’re cleaning heavy equipment, parking garages, hydraulics, restaurant equipment or anything else with a greasy, oily residue, a hot water pressure washer is a must-have.

Savannah Cleaning Systems has over 37 years of experience in matching the right hot water pressure washer for the job. Hot water washers come in two power types, choose between electric or gas engine. Next, select between portable or stationary models depending on where you’ll be cleaning. Hot water washers can be mounted on a truck, trailer or in a van for commercial cleaning.

We provide trailer mounted pressure washers which can be customized to your needs, so you can clean anywhere. Our ECOS Mobile Wash/Reclaim System recovers, cleans and recycles the gray water from pressure washing for safe disposal or reuse—meeting most municipal and environmental regulations