A word about, Savannah Cleaning Systems

1 yr
Of Experience
Customer Satisfaction

We treat our customers fairly, and with respect. We want to earn your business and want you to join our Hotsy family knowing that we have your back, and want to see you and your business thrive.

Savannah Cleaning Systems, Inc. is a Women, Native American, veteran-owned small business enterprise since 1980.

Our business started in a very modest metal building behind the home of the Owner, Mitzi Lutz Moore.

The business outgrew the metal building, commercial property was purchased, and construction for a brand-new facility began.  No longer hidden in the woods, Savannah Cleaning Systems, Inc. has a beautiful, modern shop located at 1390 Dean Forst Road, Savannah, GA.

All of Savannah Cleaning Systems employees have been professionally trained and dedicated to servicing and supporting our customers for 43 years.

We have a small crew with lots of knowledge, waiting to help you. Come See Us!

Meet Our Crew

Mitzi Moore

George Moore 
Service Manager

Angel Green
Equipment Specialist

Patrick Fraley
Field Mechanic

Roger Griner
Shop Mechanic

Freddie The Cat
Chief Happiness Officer