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One Stop Resource in GA for Pressure Washer Replacement Parts and Detergents

When you need a replacement part for your pressure washer or parts washer, call Savannah Cleaning Systems in Savannah, GA. We are an authorized dealer for Hotsy, stocking thousands of factory-direct pressure washer parts. We have trigger guns, wands, hoses, nozzles, and couplers in stock, with access to high-pressure pumps, valves, seal kits, unloaders, fuel tanks, motors, filters and more. Replacement parts for Hotsy as well as any other pressure washer brand.

Pressure Washer Accessories:
Aside from parts, we also offer a line of accessories for pressure washers that will help you clean much faster. These include the following popular items:

Flat surface cleaner - is great for cleaning surfaces such as driveways, parking garages and sidewalks. Similar to pushing a lawn mower, a surface cleaner attaches to either a hot or cold water pressure washer, cutting the cleaning time dramatically.

Turbo Nozzle - removes tough build-up and grime deeper and faster by using a pencil thin spray rotary pattern to clean more aggressively. Labor saving!

Hose Reels – attach to your pressure washer or mount on a wall in a wash bay. Keep your high pressure hose neat and orderly when not in use, and free from accidental damage.

Detergent Foamer - attach to your pressure washer want to deliver detergent in a thick foam, which increases dwell time for faster and deeper cleaning.

Pressure Washer Detergents:
You don’t wash your hands without soap, so don’t forget to wash your vehicles and surfaces without soap! Here are several of our top pressure washer detergents:

Breakthrough!: This highly concentrated detergent is extremely popular and effective for tackling crude oil and caked-on buildup of fifth-wheel grease, yet it’s gentle enough for fine finishes on cars and to use for general cleaning purposes. Helps restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces.

Phosphatizer No.2: A complete and economical detergent and phosphatizing system for one-step cleaning and phosphatizing of iron and steel parts. Hotsy Cleaner / Phosphatizer No. 2 can be used at temperatures ranging from 120°F to 180°F. Equally effective in spray, dip and wipe-on applications.

Aluminum Brightener: An easy-to-apply brightener for cleaning and restoring aluminum surfaces. It even makes oxidized aluminum look like new with just one application. Instantly removes welding smut.

Cuda Super Clean Plus: An all-purpose powdered concentrate automatic parts washer detergent specially formulated for use on soft metals. It penetrates and cleans hard to remove grease, oil, tar, and carbon based deposits.

Cuda Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor: This is the ideal rust-inhibitor package for parts washers because it resists corrosion of both wetted surfaces and metal surfaces exposed to steam.

To learn more about our pressure washer parts, soap and accessories, please give us a call or review our catalogs online. We want to be your local resource in Savannah and southeast GA and SC for power washer parts – you can rely on us for fast, efficient service and competitive prices.

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